Installing the 64 Bit Version

You can try to solve your very large files in 64-bit version without memory problems.

Install StatiCAD Professional V.6.X.X.X Installation (64 Bit) and StatiCAD-Lock V6 programs in your customer panel ( When installing the 64-bit version, you do not need to uninstall the 32-bit version, since they are installed in different folders, they can work at the same time.


Download and install the latest 64 bit setup file and lock file on your panel

 Possible Problems and Solutions

1- For Version 5 users, if the Özdemir Yazılım welcome screen appears but does not open, copy and paste the 2 files named Set1.ayr and Set3.ayr in C:\StatiCAD\YigmaV5Pro to the C:\StatiCAD\YigmaV5ProX64 folder.

2-If there is a warning that there is no dll file at the opening of the program

   a- Download and install the driver program from the link

   b- If the error persists or the installation could not be done, download the missing dll files from link and extract them with winrar, V6ProX64 or YigmaV5ProX64 or Ultimate version in accordance with the version you use in C:\StatiCAD\ Paste the dll files into the Ultimatex64 folder for users.

3- If the 'Provider Not Found' error occurs while opening the file after the 64 Bit Program is opened, or an error message appears while opening the wall properties window

 Download and install the FoundErrorFixed64Bit.rar file. Check if the Office program (Word or Excel) opens properly. If an error occurs in the form of "Reconfiguring" or "Configuring" (in the office program) at startup, type regedit in the Windows search bar and press enter "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Office\14.0\Common\FilesPaths" delete the "mso.dll" file or give it a different name (eg mso2.dll).


4- If you click on the StatiCAD shortcut and you get the warning that the file cannot be found, the antivirus program may have deleted the exe file of the program. In this case, stop the real-time protection of the antivirus program and install the program and make the exception (exclusion) settings in the C:\StatiCAD folder.

We wish you good work